Personal injury

Personal injury is an affliction sustained through physical or psychological injury. It can be caused by anything from a road traffic accident, industrial accident, physical abuse, bad products, sporting injury, inadequate road maintenance or even death. In the above-mentioned cases, injury also involves all of the associated financial consequences.

When determining the damage, the situation is imagined as if the accident had not occurred and then a comparison is made of the situation before and after the accident. Medical costs are incurred in almost all cases, such as nursing expenses. Also, there is often loss of income and costs are incurred with hiring domestic help or garden maintenance. The costs for customizing your house could also be claimed from the other party. If you need to move house, then the decorating and furnishing of your home can be claimed as damages. Depending on the severity of the injury, there may also be a right to damages for emotional distress. That is compensation for the suffering and unsettledness that you have experienced. Claim adjustment is done on an individual basis and you can rest assured, leaving this to our specialists.