Notarial practice

Our notarial practice consists of specialists who focus clearly on company law and commercial property. The notarial practice at Damsté advises and guides companies and notn-profit organisations in all areas of law. Depending on the advice requested, the notarial practice either will work alone or in a team with lawyers from the specialised divisions at Damsté.

The civil law notaries at Damsté have extensive experience with setting up legal structures, joint ventures, guiding takeovers, legal mergers and divisions, drawing up and structuring articles of association, regulations and shareholder agreements, restructuring and corporate governance both within The Netherlands and internationally. We quickly and professionally handle matters such as the formation of private limited companies, changes to articles of association or the pledging of shares.

Damsté is also suited for business owners who want to sell their business premises, are seeking estate-planning advice or wish to draw up a will. The notarial practice at Damsté is a modern, specialised and fully computerised notarial practice that places a high priority on quality and service.

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