We coordinate all sectors of our organisation to provide you with the best possible service. This applies to lawyers, civil law notaries, administrators, legal assistants, members of staff and support staff. There are four levels of experience, each with their own hourly rate. 

Trainee Lawyer
0 to 3 years’ experience.
Works under the responsibility of his supervisor.
Has graduated and is still determining his/her area of specialism.

4 to 7 years’ experience.
Works under his own authority.
Has his/her key areas determined.
Is becoming specialised.

Senior lawyer
8 to 10 years’ experience.
Works under his own authority.
Is a specialist.

More than 10 years experience.
Is ultimately responsible for the organisation.
Is a specialist.

Office expenses
In addition to fees, we charge office fees of 6% to cover general expenses such as telephone calls, photocopying, costs of registered letters and costs incurred with the implementation of regulations of The Netherlands Bar Association (Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten).