Inheritance law

At one point or another, everyone has to deal with an inheritance. Many questions may arise when settling an estate. These are questions that you have probably not thought about before. That is why it is important to get advice at an early stage.

One of the first questions is whether there is a will and who are the beneficiaries. Next comes the question of whether the beneficiaries wish to renounce the inheritance or accept it. It is also possible to disinherit a child. Next comes the issue of who is authorised to do what. For instance, the home should be cleared. Financial matters will need to be settled. Is that the duty of the executor? What happens if the parties do not agree about the division of the estate?

Many other questions may also arise about inheritances and inheritance law. Do not hesitate to contact our specialised inheritance lawyers without any obligation. They can advise you on the settlement of wills and assist you in any legal proceedings about inheritances.