Family law

There are emotional but also legal consequences when family relationships are formed (co-habiting, marrying, having children, adopting) or broken (divorce, death). When you come into contact with family law, it often has a great impact on your personal life. Financial consequences may also be involved.

The majority of people come into contact with family law during a divorce. In turn, divorce raises many questions about the care for children, the marital home and/or finances (maintenance, dividing assets and pensions). Once a divorce has been settled, new issues may also arise when your situation changes, such as changes in custody, access or maintenance.

Furthermore, family law encompasses parenthood that may arise through marriage, acknowledgement of a child, legal determination of fatherhood or adoption. It also covers the laws on surnames, guardianship, administration and mentorship. This is day-to-day practice for the specialists in our Family Law division. It means that you are in the hands of a lawyer who knows what is important for you and what should be arranged in your situation. If you are a high net-worth individual or business owner, you can rely on our extensive experience in settling complex disputes in family law.