Cassation and appeals

If you do not agree with a court’s decision, you can usually lodge an appeal at the court of appeal, where the case will be re-evaluated. Usually, the court of appeal has the final word. However, it sometimes makes sense to have the decision tested by the Supreme Court. These proceedings are also called "cassation proceedings". They are usually conducted by cassation lawyers, also known as “Supreme Court lawyers”.

Cassation proceedings at the Supreme Court require special skills, and are subject to very different rules. There are fewer than one hundred lawyers across The Netherlands who are authorised to conduct proceedings as cassation lawyers in civil cases at the Supreme Court. Damsté is one of the few firms outside of the Randstad area that has its own Cassation and Appeals division.

Our clients are often lawyers who work for other firms. They contact us when they want to avoid losing all cassation opportunities at the appeal stage. Other lawyers turn to us because they want to submit a cassation on behalf of their client or because they want to conduct a defence against cassation proceedings lodged by the other party. However, it can also be constructive and informative in other situations to discuss issues of administrative law with lawyers from our Cassation and Appeals division.